5 Vegan Dairy Free Desserts to Try This Summer

5 Vegan Dairy Free Desserts to Try This Summer

Posted on June 26th, 2024.

Summer is here, bringing with it the craving for refreshing and delicious treats. 

For those who follow a vegan lifestyle or have dairy intolerances, finding satisfying desserts can be a real challenge. The good news is that there are plenty of delightful vegan dairy-free desserts that can cool you down and satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Whether you're lounging by the pool, having a picnic in the park, or hosting a summer party, these desserts are perfect for any occasion.

In this post, we'll explore five must-try vegan dairy-free desserts that will make your summer extra sweet and enjoyable. From fruity soft serves to creamy cappuccinos, there's something here for everyone to love. 

Let's dive into these tasty treats!

Challenges of Finding Vegan and Dairy-Free Treats

With more people opting for plant-based diets and others needing to avoid dairy due to allergies or intolerances, the demand for delicious and satisfying vegan desserts is higher than ever. However, the journey to discover these delightful treats is often fraught with challenges. These are some of the common hurdles that make finding the perfect vegan dairy-free dessert a bit tricky.

Limited Options

One of the biggest challenges is the limited options available in many stores and restaurants. While the number of vegan products is growing, it can still be tough to find a diverse selection of desserts that meet vegan and dairy-free criteria. This scarcity can make it difficult for those with dietary restrictions to indulge in a variety of sweet treats.

Texture Issues

Achieving the right texture in vegan and dairy-free desserts can be challenging. Traditional desserts often rely on dairy products like milk, cream, and butter to achieve their creamy, rich textures. Without these ingredients, vegan desserts can sometimes end up with less desirable textures, such as being too dry or too dense.

Flavor Compromises

Another challenge is maintaining rich, satisfying flavors without using dairy products. Dairy often adds a depth of flavor that can be difficult to replicate with plant-based ingredients. As a result, some vegan desserts might not have the same richness or flavor complexity as their dairy counterparts.


Ensuring that vegan desserts are truly dairy-free can be a concern, especially in environments where dairy products are also handled. Cross-contamination can occur if proper precautions aren’t taken, leading to traces of dairy in vegan desserts, which can be problematic for those with severe allergies or strict dietary preferences.

Despite these challenges, there are plenty of fantastic options available that overcome these hurdles and deliver mouth-watering results. Let’s explore five must-try vegan dairy-free desserts that will make your summer extra sweet and enjoyable.

5 Vegan Dairy Free Desserts to Try

Ready to discover some amazing vegan dairy-free desserts that are perfect for summer? We've got a fantastic lineup of treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising on flavor or quality. Each of these desserts is crafted with care, using only the best ingredients to ensure they're both delicious and dairy-free. Let's uncover these five delightful vegan dairy-free desserts that you absolutely need to try this summer!

1. Dole Vegan Strawberry Soft Serve

Let's kick things off with a fruity delight – Dole Vegan Strawberry Soft Serve. This vibrant, refreshing dessert is perfect for hot summer days. Made with real strawberries, this soft serve is bursting with natural sweetness and a hint of tartness. It's smooth, creamy, and completely dairy-free, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

Why You'll Love It
  • Natural Ingredients: Made with real strawberries.
  • Creamy Texture: Smooth and creamy without any dairy.
  • Refreshing Taste: Perfectly sweet and tart for a refreshing summer treat.

2. Dole Vegan Pineapple Soft Serve

Next up is another classic favorite – Dole Vegan Pineapple Soft Serve. This tropical treat is a must-try for pineapple lovers. It’s tangy, sweet, and incredibly refreshing, capturing the essence of summer in every bite. The best part? It’s completely vegan and dairy-free, so you can enjoy it without any worries.

Why You'll Love It
  • Tropical Flavor: Pure pineapple goodness in every bite.
  • Smooth and Creamy: Achieves a creamy texture without any dairy.
  • Perfect for Summer: A cooling and refreshing dessert ideal for hot days.

3. Raspberry Pomegranate Dairy Free Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt

For those who love a mix of flavors, the Raspberry Pomegranate Dairy Free Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt is a treat you can't miss. This unique dessert combines the tartness of raspberries with the sweet and tangy flavor of pomegranates. It’s not only delicious but also packed with antioxidants, making it a healthier choice.

Why You'll Love It
  • Flavor Fusion: The perfect blend of raspberry and pomegranate.
  • Health Benefits: Rich in antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Dairy-Free Delight: Smooth and creamy without any dairy.

4. Vegan Almond Milk Swirl Cappuccino

For coffee lovers, the Vegan Almond Milk Swirl Cappuccino is a dream come true. This rich and creamy dessert combines the robust flavor of cappuccino with the smoothness of almond milk. Swirled to perfection, it offers a delightful coffee experience without any dairy.

Why You'll Love It
  • Coffee Kick: Perfect for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Creamy and Smooth: Achieves a rich texture with almond milk.
  • Guilt-Free Indulgence: Enjoy the flavors you love without any dairy.

5. Vegan Coconut Soft Serve

Last but certainly not least is the Vegan Coconut Soft Serve. This exotic treat is made with real coconut, offering a rich and creamy texture with a tropical twist. It’s the perfect way to cool down and enjoy a taste of the tropics.

Why You'll Love It
  • Tropical Treat: Made with real coconut for an authentic taste.
  • Rich and Creamy: A satisfying texture without any dairy.
  • Summer Favorite: Ideal for a refreshing and indulgent summer dessert.

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Wrapping Up

Finding delicious vegan dairy-free desserts doesn’t have to be a challenge. 

At Sundaes in Long Island, New York, we offer a variety of options that cater to your dietary needs without compromising on taste or quality. From fruity soft serves to rich cappuccino swirls, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Explore Our Delicious Offerings and find your next favorite treat!

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